Holy Week & Easter Services


We invite you to join us as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!


PALM SUNDAY (March 20th) @ 9:00AM

Our worship service will begin outside in front of the main entrance. We will enter in waving palms and celebrate Jesus as our King of kings. 



   Maundy Thursday Communion Service @ 7:00PM

Maundy Thursday (from the Latin mandatum meaning “command”) begins the three-day service often known as the Sacred Triduum lasting until Easter. From the invocation of this service to the benediction on Easter Sunday, it is but one solemn liturgy spanning three days that recounts the whole story – from betrayal and crucifixion to burial and empty tomb and the resurrection. Maundy Thursday is remembered as the day Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. More than that, there are several prominent themes. The name itself reminds us of the new mandate or command Jesus gave to love one another as He has loved us (John 13:34). The washing of the feet, normally reserved for the lowest servant, is Jesus’ way of demonstrating that kind of love.  They then ate the Passover, but Jesus gave new meaning to the old rituals as Jesus and His disciples experienced “The Last Supper” for the first time.  He called the bread His own body given for them for the forgiveness of their sins; He called the wine His own blood, shed for them for the forgiveness of sins. This is no mere symbolism.  Jesus says the bread and wine are no longer merely bread and wine, but are, by His Word, His own body and blood. Lutherans have tried to resist attempts to explain how this happens, preferring to take Jesus at His Word and believe that it is so. This night also recalls the sadness of one of Jesus’ own, a person of the inner circle, betraying Him. After singing a hymn, they left the Upper room for the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane where all the things would happen that would lead to the cross where Jesus would procure our peace for life today and the assurance of eternal peace in heaven with Jesus.


GOOD FRIDAY (March 25th)

   Good Friday Service: Seven Words From the Cross @ 7:00PM

Good Fridayis the single most solemn day in the Christian Church. We are God’s chosen family; the family for whom Jesus was willing to suffer and die at the hands of sinful men after being beaten and mocked.  He was nailed to a cross to be crucified in our place.  It was our sinfulness that caused Him to die on that cross. This service will take us through the final words of Jesus. During the service we will symbolically nail our sins to the cross to remind us to take our sins to Jesus for forgiveness.   



Sunrise Worship @ 6:00AM 

Breakfast Fellowship @ 7:30AM

Easter Egg Hunt @ 8:15AM

Resurrection Worship @ 9:00AM


All services will be held at the Odyssey Preparatory Academy. We hope to see you there!

For more information call or email us at: 623.266.1835 | connections@livingwateraz.org.